Line Dance

Beginner  Kurs, Donnerstag 10.00 - 11.00

 Wo: The Boot Barn

Amsler-Laffon-Strasse, Ebnat 65

8200 Schaffhausen 

seit  17.8.2017



Tush Puch 17.4.19

Codigo 4,4 19

Lonely Drum 21.3.19

Things  14.2.19

Something in the water

King of the Road 29.11.18

 Go Seven 15.11.18

The Harvester 25.10.18

Golden Wedding Ring 27.9.18

Big Girls Boogie 13.9.18

Whisky Bridges 23.8.18

Rocking 21.6.18

Black Coffee 6.6.18

Rocket to the Sun

AB for freinds  24.5.18.

The Wanderer

Dini Seele ....

Walz across Texas

Over the moon

Down on your Uppers

Country as can be

Poor Boy

Gin & Tonic 16.11.17

Christmas Rock

Black Whisky

Stray Cat  Strut 

Come Dance with me

Bad Boy Leroy Brown

Stroll Along Cha Cha

The Gallway Gathering

Country Walking

Swinging Thing 


Electric Slide

Candian Stomp


                                                                    Kursgebühr: Fr. 16.00 für 60 Minuten