Line Dance - Beginner                                      Dienstag 19.00 - 20.00                                    @ The Boot Barn    Amsler-Laffonstr. 4. 8200 Schaffhausen

Seit   Dezember 2018 

Wir lernen jede 2. Woche einen neuen Tanz. 



Unsere Tanze:


Tush Push

Off the Beaten Track


Lonely Drum

Country Boy Lovin -       Maddison Glover

Blinding Lights ohne Drehung


Anything for Love 

Coffee Days & Whisky Nights




Cowboy Charlston

Go 7 

When You Smile

American Kids

Bonaparte’s Retreat 

Country as can be

The Harvester

Dini Seele Bambele

I don‘t look good naked any more 2.7.19

 Country as can be

Black Coffee 4.6.19

The Wanderer  21.5.19

Whisky Bridges 7.5.19

Knockin Boots 30.4.19  April 2019,    Stephen Pistoia & Laura Stanton

Stray Cat Strut 

Down on your Uppers

K is for Kick‘s

Big Girls Boogie 19.3.19

Beautiful day. 19.2.19

Mama Maria 12.2.19

Come Dance with me

Big Girls Boogie 

Poor Boy

Ah Si

Coal miners daughter

Swinging thing

Stroll Along Cha Cah

Country Walking 

Bird Walk

Bad Boy

Electric Slide

Candian Stomp

Gin and Tonic

Rocket to the Sun



Preis: Fr 16.00 für 60 Minuten Lektion im Abo.