Line Dance - Intermediate                                Dienstag 19.45 - 21.15  

Wir lernen jede 2. Woche einen neuen Tanz.

Preis: Fr 23.00 für 90 Minuten Lektion im Abo. 

Unsere Tänze:



Around the 🔥 fire 

The Tree

Make some new Love


Useless Excuses 

People Pleaser 

To Get a Girl

My  Broken Heart

Scootin Bootin

Give Me Your Tempo


Little Heartbreak

When you`re Drunk

Chicago Dance

New Friends 

Crystal Cha

Jersey Giant 

3 Teuila Floor


Devil in a Dress

Double Devil 

The Sphinx 




I‘m on my way

We Did

Versions of you 

1 2 Snap

Party on The Corner 

Knock Off 

Tequila Circle


2 Lane Highway 

Ghost Town

Storm and Stone

Dim the Lights

To Hell and Back

Sweet Irland 

Pay me my Money Down- David Prestor

Til the Neon’s gone 

 In Heaven Karl-Harry Winson

Mississippi Countdown - John Robinson & Kelly Cavallaro (Phrased Intermediate)

Love Grows - Maddison Glover


Some kind of Wonderful 

Disappearing Tail Lights 

Thelma and Louise

Cold Heart 💜 

‘Til you Can’t/ Gary O’Reilly

Gives me Shivers/ Brandon Zahorsky