Line Dance - Intermediate                                Dienstag 19.45 - 21.15  

Wir lernen jede 2. Woche einen neuen Tanz.

Preis: Fr 23.00 für 90 Minuten Lektion im Abo. 

Unsere Tänze:



The Sphinx 




I‘m on my way

We Did

Versions of you 

1 2 Snap

Party on The Corner 

Knock Off 

Tequila Circle


2 Lane Highway 

Ghost Town

Storm and Stone

Dim the Lights

To Hell and Back

Sweet Irland 

Pay me my Money Down- David Prestor

Til the Neon’s gone 

 In Heaven Karl-Harry Winson

Mississippi Countdown - John Robinson & Kelly Cavallaro (Phrased Intermediate)

Love Grows - Maddison Glover


Some kind of Wonderful 

Disappearing Tail Lights 

Thelma and Louise

Cold Heart 💜 

‘Til you Can’t/ Gary O’Reilly

Gives me Shivers/ Brandon Zahorsky 



Starlights/ Maggie Gallagher& Gary O’Reilly


Tonight we’re dancing 

Peppermint Twist 


Raised like That

Folsom Prison Dance

Belle Lousianna 

Train Wreck

Sweet Caroline 

Would have loved her

Crazy Song

House Of Cards

Sweet Dummy 

Love Me Some You

Going Going Gone

Truth be Told 

Novocain Kiss

Moses Roses Toses

The Captain

Three Wooden Crosses

Double R dee