Line Dance - Improver                                      Donnerstag 18.30 - 20.00                               @ The Boot Barn    Amsler-Laffonstr. 4. 8200 Schaffhausen


Bei uns wird jede 2. Woche einen neuer Tanz gelernt.  




Sweet Caroline 

Crazy Song

Kissed a Cowboy

What makes you Country 

Soak up the Sun 


Cruel Intentions 

What happens next

The Captain

Three Wooden Crosses

Double R Dee




 Irish Stew 

Take me Home  - Maddison Glover

Backroad Nation

Crystal Touch 

Off the Beaten Track -     Gary O`Reilly

Country Boy Lovin -        Maddison Glover

Champagne Promise -     Tina Aigyl

Long Cool Woman 

Blinding Lights -              Gudrun Schneider

Bonaparte’s Retreat 

Coffee days and Whiskey nights 

Cooler than Cool

Gone West




Cold Feet

Loving Tonight /Kontra

Love Someone 

Where we have been.


Country Roads  21.8.19

I don’t look good naked any more

Nothing but You 6.6.19

Lonely Lovers,  16.5.19

Three Teachers 2.5.19

Mama Loo 17.3.19

Tag On 4,4,19

Codigo 21.3.19

Lord Help Me 21.2.19

Footloose 9.1.19

Homesick Heart 6.12.18

King of the Road  29.11.18

Summer Fly 15.11.18

Cabo San Lucas  25.10.18

Go Seven 27.9.18

Born to love 20.9.18

Groovy Love 4.9.18

Whisky Bridges  23.8.18

Shaking Mix 28.6.18

The Harvester 14.6.18

Golden Wedding Ring  6.6.18

Rocket to the Sun

Lonely Drum  23.5.18

Rocking 19.4

Blue Night Cha

Gypsy Queen

Something in the water

Down on your Uppers

American Kids 23.11.17

Dini Seel..........

Big Girls Boogie

Cowgirls Twist 


Paddy`s Choir

Anything for love

Independence Day Cha Cha 

The Wanderer 

Coal Miner`s Daughter ( Donna Andrews)

Black Coffee

Tush Push

Country as can be

Country Walking

Electric Slide

Candian Stomp

Gin and Tonic

Bad Boy Leroy Brown

Poor Boy

Country as can be

Country two step

Country Walking

Stroll along Cha Cha

Waltz across Texas

Ah Si 



                                                          Kursgebühr: Fr. 21,00  für 90 Minuten    Im Abo.