Line Dance - Improver                                      Donnerstag 18.45 - 20.00

 Preis: Fr 20.00 für 75 Minuten Lektion im Abo. 

 Bei uns wird jede 2. Woche einen neuer Tanz gelernt.  

Unsere Tänze 


Give me your Tempo 

Ghost Train

When you’re Drunk 

To get a girl

Ghost Train

Little Heartbreak

That Honk Tonk Way

Give me your Tempo

When you're Drunk

Jump in the Line

12 Snap

Here we Go

New Friends 


Never Drinkin Again 


Wave on Wave

1 2 Snap

Here We Go 




Mama and Me

Storm and Stone

Tequila Circle

Pay me my money down 

Ghost Town

Would have loved her

til the Neoan`s Gone Darren Bailey

Disappearing Tail Lights

Gives me Shivers ( Brandon Zahorsky) 

Disappearing Tail Lights. 

Til you can‘t

Cold Heart ♥️

Pretty Belinda