Donnerstag 9.30 - 10.30,     

Preis: Fr 16.50 für 60 Minuten Lektion im Abo. 




Champagne Promise 


I`m on my way

Mama and me

Tequila Circle

Pay me my Money down 

Ghost Town

Til the Neon`s Gone

The Trail

Some Kind of Wonderful

Love Grows

Off the Beaten Track

Beautiful Day

Stroll Along Cha

Cold Heart

Cowboy Charleston


Ab 2021 

Black Coffee

Peppermint Twist


Golden Wedding Ring 

Lord Help Me

Blue Night Cha

What makes you Country

Kissed a Cowboy 

Lonely Drum


The Captain

Three Wooden Crosses

Double R Dee

Take me Home  

Texas Stomp

Canadian Stomp

Bird Walk

Bad Boy Leroy

Come Dance With me

Rocket to the Sun

I don`t look good naked any more

When you smile

Whisky Bridges

Down on your Uppers



 Kursgebühr: Fr. 16.00 für 60 Minuten im Abo.