Kurse & Tänze-    Region Schaffhausen


 Zur Zeit fallen die Kurse aus.

Line Dance- Absolute Beginner, (Pro -Senectute) Donnerstag 16.30 - 17.30 in Schaffhausen


Tänze die wir lernen könnten



I don`t look good naked..

What a Feeling

Cowboy Charlston

King of the Road 29.11.18

Baker Street 15.11.18

A cowboy for a night 13.9.18

Whisky Bridges  23.8.18

Rocket to the Sun


Beautiful Day

Coal Miner`s Daughter (Donna Andrews)

Bad Boy Leroy Brown

As country  as can be. 

Mama Maria

Canadian Stomp

Poor Boy

Ah Si

Gin and Tonic

Come Dance with me

Country Walking 

Stay Cat Strut

Stroll Along Cha Cha