Kurse & Tänze in Glattfelden Montags

Im Gottfreid Keller Saal Kulturzentrum

Bei uns wird jede 2. Woche einen neuer Tanz gelernt.    



Line Dance - Beginner  18.00


Neu : King of the Road  3.12.18

Simple as can be. 19.11.18

 Tush Push 24.9.18

Golden Wedding Ring 10.9.18

 AB for Freinds 18.6.18

American Kids 11.6.18

Rocket to the Sun  28.5.18

Poor Boy

Perfect Baby

  Down on your Uppers

Black Whisky

Big Girls Boogie

The Wanderer 

Black Coffee

Country as can be

Ah Si       

Electric Slide

Bird Walk

Mama Maria

Stra Cat Strut

Stroll along

Skinny Genes

Country Walking

Canadian Stomp

Come Dance with me

Country 2 step

Feeling kind of lonely

Nice Work


Something in the water




                                                                                  Kursgebühr: Fr. 16.-- für 60 Minuten im Abo

Line Dance- Intermediate   19.15 - 20.15


 Neu:  Homesick Heart 10.12.18

 House of Cards. 26.11.18

Simple as can be 19.11.18

Bethlehem Child  22.10.18


A Double Whisky 24.9.18

I got this too. 10.9.18

Groovy Love 3.9 18

Adventure 45   2.7.18

 Walk on a bad day.  26.6.18

 Golden Wedding Ring 18.6.18

Woman Amen 4.6.18

Take me to the river. 14.5.18

 Three Teachers 22.4

All the King`s Horses

Champagne Promise


2 Lane Highway



Down on your Uppers

Sweet Caroline

Paddy's Choir 8.1.18


Lalali. 20.11.17

Get to you. 13.11.17

Lonely Drums

Hey Girl


Real Deal











 Kursgebühr: Fr. 16.00 für 60 Minuten im Abo.

Chlaushock in Glattfelden 

18. Dezember 2017.



Linedance forever.......