Kurse & Tänze in Glattfelden Montag

Im Gottfreid Keller Saal Kulturzentrum

Bei uns wird jede 2. Woche einen neuer Tanz gelernt.     

Line Dance- Intermediate/ Advanced          Montag 19.00 - 20.30



Train Wreck

Would have loved her

Crazy Song

My Bestie 

Love me some you 

Going Going Gone

Truth be Told

Cruel Intentions 

Moses Roses Toeses

The Captain 

Three Wooden Crosses 




Irish Stew

Drink Drank Drunk - Racheal McEnaney - White 

Off the Beaten Track

Always on Time

Soak up the Sun              Ria Vos

Backroad Nation

Crystal Touch


Time to let go             Debbie Ellis & Rob Fowler

Pick her up -               Darren Bailey, https://www.copperknob.co.uk/stepsheets/sweet-attraction-ID139688.aspx

Sweet Attraction -        Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard, Dee Musk

Brokenheartsville -       Peter Meteinick

Morning Sun -             Robbie McGowan Hicki

It`s Worth a Shot-       Robbie McGowan Hickie 

Blinding Lights -           Gudrun Schneider 

Sweet Erika

Coffee days and whisky nights 

Turning Tables -         Maddison & Tom Göover

Hardy -                      Darren Bailey

Cooler than Cool -       Niels Poulsen 



Hey Now

Aberdeen -           Silvia Schill

Half Past  Tipsy

Loving Tonight/ Dan Albro

Gone West

Playboys by Karl-Harry Winson  16.9.19

Novocain Kiss 2.9.19

Soul Shake 19.8.19

Bonaparte`s Reatreat

Lonely Blue 1.7.19

24 Reasons

Just a Phase 27.5.19

Nothing but You 20.5.19

Cherry Bomb 5.5.19

Love Someone 5.5.19

Graffiti 15.4.19

Old Beach Rollercoaster 8.4 19

Oh me oh my oh 1.4.19

Codigo 4.3.19. Thank you Brigitte 

Sweet Dummy Repetition 25.2.19, Thank you Peter.

The one you‘re waiting on. 11.2.19

Day of the Dead  7.1.19


Homesick Heart 10.12.18

House of Cards. 26.11.18

Simple as can be 19.11.18

Bethlehem Child  22.10.18

A Double Whisky 24.9.18

I got this too. 10.9.18

Groovy Love 3.9 18

Adventure 45   2.7.18

Walk on a bad day.  26.6.18

Golden Wedding Ring 18.6.18

Woman Amen 4.6.18

Take me to the river. 14.5.18

Three Teachers 22.4

All the King`s Horses

Champagne Promise


2 Lane Highway



Down on your Uppers

Sweet Caroline

Paddy's Choir 8.1.18


Lalali. 20.11.17

Get to you. 13.11.17

Lonely Drums




 Kursgebühr: Fr. 25.00 für 90

Minuten im Abo.